In the Buddhist tradition, the teachings are considered so precious as to be priceless. Thus, they are given freely with the invitation for participants to offer voluntary donations.

When I lead my public class in Arlington, VA on Monday nights, I love that no one is denied access to these teaching and practices.

When I get an email from someone on the other side of the planet sharing how a talk or meditation helped them in some way, I feel a rush of gratitude for all the support I’ve received on my path.

When I offer an intensive retreat, I love that participants only pay for their room and board, making the retreat more available to all and allowing each person free to support the teachers according to their own means.

Your support is the fuel that helps me continue what I do.

Thank you. I am deeply grateful for your support.


You can use the donation button below, or mail a check payable to Jonathan Foust 70 River Birch Drive Great Falls, VA 22066