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Body-Centered Inquiry

I am grateful to my friends at Sounds True for helping me create this product.

A few words from Sounds True:

“Teacher Jonathan Foust presents a unique method for tapping our deepest wisdom through the body-combining mindfulness meditation, focusing, and intuitive inquiry into a practice he calls Body-Centered Inquiry. On Body-Centered Inquiry, he offers a complete course on accessing the “still, small voice within” to find answers to persistent problems, set free your creativity, and deepen the connection between your body and mind.”

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A Touch of Grace: Bamboo Flute Meditations

Bamboo flute improvisations by Jonathan Foust. You’ll find these selections deeply restful and meditative. Perfect for meditation, yoga, massage and relaxation.

You’ll enjoy four selections made up of simple flute, flute, voice and tamboura, flute and piano and flute and strings, accompanied by the wonderful artist, Todd Norian.

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Energy Awareness Guided Meditations

This series of 15–20 minute guided meditations explore cultivating a profound balance of ‘chitta and prana,’ or awareness and energy.  As you attune you to the presence and flow of prana—the life force energy—you may find your body, mind, and spirit renewed and refreshed.  These meditations will enrich an ongoing meditation practice or assist you if you are looking for more well-being in your life.

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