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The Energy Intensive at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

The Energy Intensive:  Meditation Yoga and Breathwork

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
November 8 - 11

Jonathan Foust and Richard Faulds


Experience Kripalu Yoga’s unique approach to personal transformation in a program that’s practical, integrative, and fun. Two of Kripalu’s outstanding teachers lead this exploration into the profound relationship between energy and consciousness, which is the essence of yoga and the foundation of all mind-body approaches.

Your exploration includes

  • Exercises to build energy and awareness

  • Guided experiences in both sitting and moving meditation

  • Integrative breathwork, a technique that provides deep insight and release

  • Journal writing to access intuition

  • Small-group work that enhances self-awareness

  • Guided massage and bodywork

  • All three stages of Kripalu Yoga

  • Social silence (speaking only when necessary) outside of sessions.

Note This program is intensive in nature and includes early morning and afternoon yoga practice and an evening session on Friday. Danna Faulds will be present to share her original poetry. Saturday morning features a breathwork session that many participants rate as the most valuable part of the weekend, but that also has certain contraindications.

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