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A Meditative Journey: Mindful Movement, Meditation and Deep Relaxation

A Meditative Journey: Mindful Movement, Meditation and Deep RelaxationEvent Location: St. Luke’s Episcopal

August 10th

9:30 – 4:00

Manager: Glen Harrison

Why did the Buddha emphasize mindfulness of the body as the primary foundation of practice?

The body lives only in the here and now. As you train your attention to rest in your senses you learn how to be present to whatever arises.

You can’t make a state of inner quiet happen, but you can create an optimal environment through conscious movement and breathing. 

Through the day you’ll learn movement sequences and breathing techniques that help to release deep-seated tension and draw your awareness inward.  Two guided body scan experiences help cultivate a sense of deep ease and integration.

No prior experience of yoga or meditation is required.  If you do have extensive experience,  you’ll find the guidance spacious and inviting.  

Come and explore relaxation as a doorway to presence.

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