30 Days of Practice: One Observance, One Restraint


spacer-25Is this a good time in your life to make a commitment to practice? If so, read on.   You'll select 1 observance and 1 restraint. Choose practices you sense will enliven you in some way. Make them specific and measurable.     30day spacer-25

How to Maintain Momentum

  It can be challenging to keep your practices vibrant. Here are two ways that might support you:  

1. The Seinfeld Method

  Print out a monthly calendar. Put a big RED "X" for each day you practice. (You might use a different color for the observance and restraint.) Keep the calendar where you can see it. The idea is to keep the visual chain going. Try doing with pen and paper. Go analog!  

2. Enroll a Practice Partner

  Find someone who might like to be an ally for your practice. Determine what kind of support you’d like and might offer to your partner.   Some Options:   * Send a daily or weekly email about your practice and your experience. This can be as simple a putting the information in the subject line. Your partner doesn't have to respond. But they notice. *Schedule a series of calls or meetings with your partner to share observations and challenges.  

30 Day Handout:

30 Day Handout  

30 Day Calendar Printout:

Thirty Days Calendar