A Meditative Journey: Mindful Movement, Deep Relaxation and Sitting Meditation


spacer-25If you are called to drop in and explore new boundaries in relaxed awareness, this is the retreat for you.  August 29th 9:30 - 4:00 Bethesda, MD   You’ll explore practice in the context of Raja Yoga.   Mindful movement helps you contact and release deep-seated tension.   Breathing practices help you shift your internal state as well as induce calm and balance.   Guided relaxation open you more and more to a sense of effortless awareness.   Guided meditations help you gather your attention, let go into the here and now and open to presence.   Most of the day will be in silence and will include practices to help you turn within. There will be short periods of mindful sharing and time for questions and discussion.   This is one of my most favorite retreats to lead.   For more information and to register: https://imcw.org/Calendar/EventId/85/e/daylong-a-meditative-journey-29-aug-2015   Med-Jouney-cartoon spacer-25


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