A New Wave of Meditation Mentors

What teachers have inspired, touched and influenced your practice? When you stop and think about it, chances are there are those in your life who made a positive impression on you either through their knowledge, their dedication, their compassion or their capacity to be an empathic listener.

One of the reasons I stayed so immersed and associated in a spiritual community was because when I was down, there always seemed to be someone who would inspire me.  Hopefully, I might have returned the favor.

As my old guru used to say, “Company is stronger than will power.”  For that reason, we are revamping IMCW’s Mentoring Program.  Pretty soon, if you like, you’ll be able to sign up to meet periodically with a mentor to discuss your practice and how you are applying the principles of mindfulness in your life.

Last Sunday we had a retreat to gather as a community and look at how we can organize ourselves to be available to those interested in deepening their practice.

We’ll be launching later in the year after Tara completes her Introduction to Meditation Series.  Stay tuned.  If you are interested in being a mentor down the road, we’ll have more information on the IMCW website.