Aspiration and Vows

To what do you aspire?  If you had to declare the overall intention for your life, what would it be? After many years living with a poverty vow and a simplicity vow I've since have been somewhat vow-phobic.  I've  held as an ideal the Sufis, who reportedly would take a vow of renunciation -- then renounce that vow!

When Tara and I decided to get married she remarked that we needed to work on our vows.  This put me in a bit of a tight spot.  We talked a bit and realized pretty quickly our wedding was the perfect event to take the Bodhisattva vow.  The iteration we chose was this:

"May whatever arises serve the awakening of heart and mind and be of benefit to all beings."

A few times in our relationship I've found myself reactive and grumpy, pulling back from Tara and I've remembered (after a while) my vow.  Something melts inside and I find myself more open to what is here and now.

Exchanging Vows