Back from Retreat

Mindful walking was more like mindful skating while not freezing.

A marvelous five-day New Year's Retreat, not without challenges.  Bitterly cold winds made it difficult to be outside and a meditation hall with the creakiest floorboards possible added to the mix.  I also had a five-day migraine and spent much of my time managing my energy so I could show up for the group interviews, yoga classes, private interviews and my dharma talk.

But the collective intention and sincerity of the group generated a powerful forcefield of good will and it seemed many came away deeply touched by our shared practice.  This is truly the best game in town.

I leave in a few weeks for my own retreat - 30 days at Spirit Rock in California and look forward to being immersed again soon.

The teachers on a lunch break.  Jonathan Foust, Hugh Byrne, Tara Brach and Pat Coffey.