Back from the Fall Retreat

spacer-25What a week with my fellow teachers at the IMCW Fall Retreat at Pearlstone Retreat Center. Adam Thubten, founder and spiritual director of the Dharmata Foundation shared his wonderful presence with us. The result was a blend of both Theravaden and Tibetan practices and teachings with both depth and laughter.  

Retreat1 spacer-25 Pat Coffey, Anam Thubten, Tara Brach, Erin Erinselover and Jonathan Foust  

Retreat2 spacer-25 The incomparable La Sarmiento and Janet Merrick supported the teachers and 97 full-time practitioners.  

Retreat3 spacer-25 Anam was gifted with a Halloween hat on the last morning. He’s definitely a wizard.  

Retreat4 spacer-25 Final sharing with Anam at the end of the retreat. He’s a true dharma brother.  

LA'S SONG spacer-25 In our final ceremony, La offered a song to the group, not knowing she was going to hit a big speed bump.  

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All the retreat talks will be up on dharmaseed. My talk, on the “Three Characteristics of Reality,” is HERE.  


iTunes podcast here, online listening here, stitcher here, and Jonathan’s YouTube channel here.