Back in the Saddle Again, Technically Speaking

I can post images again! After battling weird bugs in my site that seemed beyond resolution, I went online in search of a Wordpress Master to whom I might surrender my ego and my troubles.  I came across a site called Elance where you can post what you need and invite bids from techies around the planet.  I wrote up my issue as best I could, posted it online and within twenty minutes had 9 bids from locations such as Belarus, Mongolia, India, Pakistan, Canada and the deeply exotic locale of New Jersey.

I obsessed about who to chose, reading reviews and job descriptions the bidders had done in the past, and settled on the folks from Canada.  Their technical people I think are oversees but the main contact is in my time zone.

After a quick set up and contract I passed along my log in information and within a few hours my man was on it.

I'm happy to pass along recommendations if you are looking for a Wordpress consultant who is ridiculously fast and efficient.

And then ....

To top off my tentative technical prowess, I also managed to figure out how to get a podcast up and running.  Deep thanks to Randy Coon and his cohorts at The Motley Fool who provided me with not just inspiration, but real-time action items.  You can sign up for the podcast here: Jonathan Foust