Being ... In Nature

Every time I connect with nature something profound happens.  I sense rhythms that run much deeper and stronger than my small concerns and grievances.  I'm incredibly fortunate to live so close to the park and the river, especially along the flood plane where the scene changes so dramatically. To that end, Ellen Tynan and I are offering a daylong retreat - actually 9:30 - 3:30 - at River Bend Park.  We'll have some solo practice, group practice and some adventures that are guaranteed to heighten the senses.  Registration is limited to only 20 people.

We're ending at 3:30 so we can break out and do our own thing, whether we're called to solo practices or some group explorations.

By the way, that brood of ducklings is now down to two extremely vigilant little ducks and their momma.

More on the retreat here.