Breathe, Relax and Pay Attention


spacer-25Being around like-minded, inspiring people is the best game in town.

I am back after nine-days teaching with co-director Larissa Carlson at Kripalu Center with a collection of inspired yoga teachers working toward their 500-hour certification.

The title of our training is "Exploring the Energy Body: Teaching Pranayama and Meditation."

Imagine nine days, each starting with depth practices at 6:15 and full days with talks, practices, practice-teach sessions and a three-day intensive in silence.

The "Kripalu" approach to teaching is to guide from direct experience and knowledge. To that end, we took a deep dive.

Through a fair bit of churning and burning, the result was a lot of lit up hearts and minds and a lot of fortunate students out there to have passionate teachers in their community.

Teaching at Kripalu I like to say is like playing the violin with the London philharmonic behind you.  I joke that I stopped in for lunch and stayed for 24 years.  It's an amazing place with dedicated staff in a beautiful setting.
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