Cormorants at First Light


spacer-25Now that we’re past the summer solstice, the sun rises noticeably later and I’m on the river before the light gets strong.     1 spacer-25 This morning I was out on my kayak and snuck up on a flock of cormorants. As I floated by I was concerned there wasn’t enough sun. I love how the low morning light caught the only strong color in the image: their beaks.     Cormorants are strange creatures. I’m getting to know their habits, particularly as they seem to be in greater numbers these last years. They have a dramatic way of taking off, running along the water as they gain lift off.     2 spacer-25 They dry their wings by holding them open to the air. It’s not uncommon to see them at first light going through their routines. In the image below this was the first time I noticed them drying their wings while simultaneously squabbling. Quite the exotic dance.     3 spacer-25    

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