Could You Benefit From A Day Of Intensive Practice?



A Meditative Journey: Dynamic Meditation

Saturday, October 29 9:30 - 4:00 St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Bethesda

Created in 1970 by the teacher, Osho, Dynamic Meditation is a powerful method of releasing deep-seated tension and cultivating a state prime for meditation.

He developed this approach to help people who carry a lot of stress and tension move from the 'gross to the subtle' to help access greater stillness of mind and non-ordinary states.

I'll be offering a variation consisting of six phases:

Phase 1: Energetic movement Phase 2: Free flow movement Phase 3: Sounding and Breath Phase 4: Sitting meditation Phase 5: Lying down, deep relaxation Phase 6: Journaling

Dynamic Meditation is safe and deeply engaging.

The afternoon will be more classical in nature with periods of sitting and lying down meditation.

Much of the day will be in silence to support your practice.

No prior experience in yoga or meditation required. Just come with an open mind.

This is truly one of my favorite retreats to lead.

You'll release a lot of tension and access deep states of relaxation, all in the company of a warm and supportive community.  

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