Daylong Retreat this Saturday! Explore the Questions That Can Change Your Life, with Jonathan Foust


spacer-25These practices have made a huge impact in my life.

I look forward to sharing this Saturday's retreat with you if you feel drawn to join in.  

The Inquiry Intensive

Explore the Questions That Can Change Your Life

Saturday, August 12th 9:30 - 4:30 The Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington

  This retreat will help you harness the power of questions.

The right questions can help you:

* Access creativity and intuition * Make important decisions * Solve problems * Point your attention toward your true nature  

"Hey Ralph, I've been wondering ....What is the sound of one wing flapping?"     spacer-25

This is not a classical meditation retreat where you are in silence and alternating between sitting and walking practices.

This is highly experiential and interactive.

In addition to internally-focused practices such as meditation and reflective writing, you'll be guided through specific sets of questions with a partner and in small groups.

You'll learn:

* Techniques for using inquiry as a tool for problem-solving, decision-making, state-changing and reflecting on your true nature

* How to use writing as a tool for accessing insight and intuition

* Movement flows and guided meditation that can help shift your brainwave states to more intuitive levels of awareness   Click the image to learn more:

spacer-25 A big thank you to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington for sponsoring this event.     iTunes podcast here, online listening here, stitcher here, and Jonathan’s YouTube channel here.