Down the River

Sunday I did a solo kayak trip from Algonkian Park in Sterling, VA to River Bend Park, right near our house. It was 3+ hours of pretty consistent paddling. I don't have a waterproof camera and only yanked out my little Canon A640 a few times, but wanted to share just a few of the images on the trip.

Part of what makes this trip interesting is navigating through the  Seneca Breaks, a mile and a half long section of class I and II rapids.  After all the rain this last week, the Potomac was a riled up muddy mess, but it made for some fun scooting through the fast sections.

When you put in at Algonkian, at least on a Sunday, you'll find yourself sharing the river with party boats, speedboats, bass boats, jetskis, canoes and kayaks.  The further down river you go the more remote it becomes and below the rapids I had a few hours all to myself.

As the humans thinned out the wildlife became more bold.  I saw white egrets, quite a few bald eagles, hawks, herons, jumping fish, a fox drinking on the bank, turtles and heard hidden, chattering songbirds.

At first I thought this was a giant insect.

Taking a break in Seneca Breaks.

eagles at seneca breaks