Genuine Success

Climbing a ladder is one thing.  Making sure your ladder is against the right wall is something totally different. A great teacher I once encountered said, "The higher up you are in an organization or the more responsibility you are carrying, the more you need to be on retreat."

When we rely on the executive function to make important decisions that affect not just our lives but the lives of those around us, we have to find a way to create healthy distance from the day-to-day details to reflect on what is most important and intuit what is next.

I had the good fortune to speak at Tony Mayo's leadership group.  Their focus is on 'vitality, service and outstanding performance'.  Mindfulness is a key to his approach to conscious leadership.

If you feel the need for executive coaching and working with like-minded leaders, Tony is accepting a few new people in his course this January.  I am impressed by the caliber of his presence as well as by the participants in his group.

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