Grasping and Impermanence


spacer-25When I was a kid, I noticed how 'old' folks would reminisce about the generations of dogs they'd had.  I had never gone through the death of a pet until later, when our first dog passed on.

Now I'm one of those geezers who has had numerous pets arrive and pass away.  Our current pup is a lively, expressive critter who startles at the slightest noise.  Recently, though, when I look at her I've been able to imagine her old and infirm, her inevitable destiny.

The realization doesn't make me sad.  I think I have enough wisdom to remember that she's bound to get old, sick and die.

Rather, the realization somehow opens my heart.  I more deeply appreciate her liveliness and kookie nature.

This is part of the theme of this week's talk, exploring the dance of grasping and impermanence.
  The blurb:  

Hang on and you'll get rope burn.  Let go and new possibilities emerge.

The nature of the mind is to want.  When you grasp how impermanence is a characteristic of reality, you can transform your relationship to the clinging mind.

You can then entertain the possibility of what life would be like in the unfolding moment in the absence of attraction and it's opposite - aversion.  This talk includes numerous short meditation.


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