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  This time of year can be a bleak.

The fall foliage was muted and dull. Then two days and nights of intense wind sucked away the remaining leaves and on a bright and clear morning and the front moved through it was suddenly 'stick season.'

Other than a few Buffleheads who've migrated south, it's pretty barren on the river. An owl or hawk wiped out all the birds at our feeder. Things look a little bleak in our society, too.

But as we hit the holidays there's an opportunity to drop below the seasonal platitudes about gratitude and generosity.

We can actually remember to contemplate and cultivate these qualities of the heart.

When I do, everything changes. Life feels magical again.

I wish you well into the holiday season.    

Pragmatic Dharma

  For a board-certified introvert, I talk a lot.

I'm actually pretty quiet, but I do offer about 45 public talks each year.

I'm not a scholar. I don't spend time scouring original texts or teasing out the finer points of different schools of philosophy. What fascinates me is what I think of as "Pragmatic Dharma."

How do you apply these classic and perennial teachings to your day-to-day challenges in a way that not only makes your life easier, but may actually point toward freedom?

That's the theme of the talks from this month: Wise Action.

Here they are if you're interested:

From Anxiety to Wise Action From Anger to Wise Action From Conflict to Wise Action

My talks are available on iTunes as well as YouTube.      

A Day of Intensive Practice

  A Meditative Journey: Dynamic Meditation December 16, 2017, Bethesda, MD

Created in 1970 by the teacher, Osho, Dynamic Meditation is a powerful method of releasing deep-seated tensions and cultivating a state prime for meditation. Jonathan offers a variation consisting of five phases: * Phase 1: Energetic movement

* Phase 2: Free flow movement

* Phase 3: Chanting

* Phase 4: Sitting meditation

* Phase 5: Deep relaxation

Dynamic Meditation is safe and and the same time, deeply engaging. No prior experience in yoga or meditation required. The second half of the day will follow a more traditional format. To deepen your day of practice, much of the day will be in social silence.

For more information and to register online, click the pic:



Fresh Photos

  Despite the dull foliage this fall, a few moments from November:   Every now and then, you get a heart-stopping sunrise like this.   spacer-25 Murmuration in action.   spacer-25 All there is left on the trees are these Beech leaves.   spacer-25 An empty nest on a cold morning.   spacer-25 But they’re back for another winter!   spacer-25 Some mornings are like this.   spacer-25 And some are like this. Note the eagle’s nest on the right side, on the island.   spacer-25 Headed into infinity.   spacer-25 Massive morning murmuration.   spacer-25 This time of year the Sycamores seem to pop out from the riverbanks.   spacer-25    

Video: Wise Action with Jonathan Foust at the IMCW

  I have a 'face made for radio,' but if you're interested in actually watching a talk, I recently subbed for Tara's class offering this talk, "From Anxiety to Wise Action."        

You can help bring mindfulness to Richmond, Virginia

  The Chrysalis Institute in Richmond, Virginia is the business of offering transformational programs for the greater Richmond area.

If you are inspired to help this group of volunteers create a safe sanctuary for healing and growth, check out this crowd-funding video:

Click the pic to learn more:

spacer-25 I can vouch for the dedication, love and wisdom these folks bring to Richmond to create a more compassionate world. They are dedicated to serving the underserved and making these practices available to all.    

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