Greetings from Jonathan Foust: The Path, The Energy Intensive, A Guided Video Meditation: "The Stream" and More



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  As I wrote this at Kripalu Center in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachussets where I was leading a teacher training, I was looking out on grassy fields while Washington DC braced for a snowstorm.   As one climate expert put it, "We shouldn't have called it 'Global Warming.' We should have called it 'Global Weirding.'"   Whatever weirdness you are experiencing, I hope this finds you well.   Graduation Day at Kripalu Center.   welcomemarch2016 spacer-25  

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The Path

  It's been said that a great teaching can be grasped by a child as well as hold great nuance and depth. The result of the Buddha's life-long quest was the realization of four insights:   1. The fact of suffering 2. The cause of suffering 3. The end of suffering 4. The path that leads to the end of suffering   That word 'suffering' can also be translated as "unsatisfactoriness," "unsteadiness" or "stress."   Whenever and wherever you have a complaint, there is a cause for it.   Wherever there is a cause, there is a remedy.   I'm launching into an eight-week series on 'The Eightfold Path,' the means by which you can not only lessen your stress, unsatisfactoriness and suffering, but according to these teachings, truly unleash your capacity for happiness, freedom and joy.   Two of the talks are already in the can (click the links below): #1 The Path: Skillful Vision: It's important to check out a map of the journey before you begin. When you look closely at the terrain and listen to others who've gone before you, you can avoid dead ends and follow the most efficient route.   #2 The Path: Skillful Intention: Your intention determines your destiny. Along with goals, which are measurable and require effort, intention is about the quality of the journey.    

Images from Last Month

  Junco Butt   1a spacer-25 Morning Dove   2a spacer-25 House Finch   3a spacer-25 Goldfinch and Two House Finches   3b spacer-25 Tufted Titmouse   4a spacer-25 Truck Stop Meditator   5a spacer-25  

Guided Video Meditation: "The Stream" (two minutes)

  This last month I was with a phenomenal group of yoga teachers exploring the art of teaching meditation. We spent a few hours exploring along "Shadowbrook," the stream that runs through the Kripalu grounds.   This two-minute meditation explore the fundamentals of the Kripalu approach to being with the stream of sensations, thoughtforms and states as they pass through. Breathing, Relaxing and Feeling open you to what is here and changing. Watching and Allowing turn your attention to spaciousness and presence.   Apologies for a few of the shaky shots. It was cold!        

The Energy Intensive at Kripalu Center

March 24-27   If you feel drawn to three-day program designed to dramatically blow off stress and tension while cultivating greater insight and calm, you might enjoy the Energy Intensive at Kripalu Center.   Shobhan Richard Faulds and I have been leading this program for about 15 years. It's based on cultivating and balancing both prana (energy) and chitta (awareness) using both classical and some rather radical techniques.   You can learn more here.   energy-intensive-event spacer-25  

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The Path: Skillful Vision

Greetings from Jonathan Foust: Your Year Ahead, What’s Most Important?, A Guided Video Meditation and More


Join Me for a Conversation with Christine Waltermyer

  CleanLivingSeries spacer-25 I've been hyper-focused on healthy living for decades and am always looking for the 'best practices.' If you're on the lookout for what experts have to share on health, you might like to check out this offering.   I've known Christine from back in my days at Kripalu Center. I will be joining her for a conversation about mindfulness and how to tune into the wisdom of your body to access your intuition. You're welcome to join in.   Christine is a Professional Chef, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Author of The Natural Vegan Kitchen and a radiant person. Her vision is to ask experts to share their best tips to recharge the mind, body and soul.   This offering is free and you can sign up here to claim your spot.    

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