If a Tree Falls on a House

A few years ago, while I was walking the California hills barefoot on a silent month-long retreat, Tara was snowed in for eight days, melting snow over the fireplace.  As I was in silence, I had no idea until later. This last week, I did know that DC got whacked in intense winds, shutting down power to over a million people.  Tara was without power for almost a week and contending with some pretty massive damage.

Thanks for a wonderful adjuster and some great contractor friends, we are digging out and starting reconstruction.

My current life theme this year has been, "Whole-hearted cooperation with reality."

It's come in handy.


Fortunately, everyone was awake and in a relatively safe place when this came down.  It crushed the lower room, the guest room and took out part of the roof in my office