Images from the Road


spacer-25We are on our way to Amsterdam to lead a four-day retreat with a few stops along the way.   First Paris, where I got to engage my brain again with French, stayed with friends and Tara gave a lecture at the Apollo Theater.   We stayed in the Marais Arrondisment... Just down from the Pompidou Center.     1 spacer-25

Top of D'Orsay     2 spacer-25

Epic flooding on the Seine.     3 spacer-25

Apartments     4 spacer-25

Peak flooding     5 spacer-25

A surprise march. About 100 mounted soldiers ... followed by a street cleaner.     6 spacer-25

Another surprise in the Marais. Carnivale!     7 spacer-25

Seven days of rain.     8 spacer-25

On to Switzerland for some hiking where we understand there is rain and then a bit more rain with a chance of snow.


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