Images from the Week

Hang around long enough and something's gonna happen.  We were meditating in the early evening by the river and noticed a deer swimming across the Potomac.  It's a pretty grainy shot, but you can see the antlers off to the left.  It's not unusual to be kayaking in the Potomac and see deer hanging out on the islands.

And early, early in the morning, a Great Blue caught mid-launch.   This is a spontaneous reaction shot, but I really enjoy how the image captures the silhouette of the legs and feet - plus the framing, depth and mood.

I'm always on the lookout for the first signs of the next season.  No sign of fall yet, as the greens are still intense and vivid right now.

This week I did some video recording at the World Bank on instruction and training in mindfulness practices.  After we laid down the audio, some brave volunteers came in for some shooting for cutaway shots.  I appreciate the challenge of making a video series during which the viewer is instructed to close their eyes.

That's me in the foreground, comfortably nestled in Final Cut Pro while the director makes some adjustments on the set.