Men Meeting for Meditation

  Need to relax?

I'm just back from an inspiring day at the IMCW Men's Retreat.  There is nothing quite like the company of like-minded men who share an intention to be more awake and alive.  We had a pretty diverse group and despite the differences in age, culture, sexual orientations and professions, a sense of kindness and generosity permeated the day.

It's been an honor to lead these gathering these last years.

If you are interested in joining up with men in the DC area, do check out Men Meeting for Meditation (M3).  More about this group:

Men Meeting for Meditation (M3) is a monthly meeting of men for mindful movement, meditation and discussion. Our goal is to create a space for men to learn the power of silent meditation, to deepen their meditation practice, and to interact with other like-minded men.

This is a meeting for men who desire to live awake, alive and fully aware lives. An important goal of this gathering is to be challenged and corrected by like-minded men, “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” The Proverb is the metaphor for these gatherings. It is an opportunity for men to sharpen each other in their spiritual walk so we can live as fully awake beings.

Currently we are changing locations, but will announce a new location soon. In addition to the monthly meetings, we would like for M3 to serve as a forum and network of men who want to challenge each other and grow in their own meditation practice.

What are ways in which we could be of service?

We are looking at online video streaming sessions with live chats, simultaneous live meditation sessions, smaller local groups that could meet more regularly to have more personal interaction.

Other ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Contact Kevin at with any ideas or comments.