More Images from the Road


spacer-25After Paris, on to Zurich and some time in the high Alps. Then on to central Holland to lead a retreat with Tara.   The morning view in Grindelwald, Switzerland.     1a spacer-25

It rained. And then it rained a little more. The water her is flowing through a hollowed out branch into a hollowed out log.     2a spacer-25

Cow in profile.     3a spacer-25

On the glacier on Jungfrau, offering a message to fellow trekkers.     4a spacer-25

Lauterbrunnen. 27 waterfalls along this valley and base jumpers floating through whenever the clouds broke.     5a spacer-25

Completing our retreat in central Holland with 200 participants. A love-fest.     6a spacer-25   The trip was completed with an chance to practice relaxation and equanimity. Both our flights were cancelled from Amsterdam, forcing us to switch to Amtrak from Newark. A direct flight was converted to a 24-hour growth opportunity.   Amtrak sunset ….     7a spacer-25


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