My Paddleboard Set Up for Photography and Video


spacer-25      Most mornings I head to the Potomac for a morning adventure on my paddle board. I’ve refined my system over the years and have it pretty much down to this for warm weather paddling.     Inflatable Waterman Paddle Board I bought my inflatable paddle board from Potomac Paddle Sports at the end of their rental season. These are wide and big boards which are great for first-timers, but also for large people and those heading out on rivers and oceans. Inflatables have so many advantages I can’t imagine wanting a fiberglass board. Lightweight, perfect for bouncing off rocks, they break down into a small bundle.   This is a monster board but what you give up in maneuverability you make for in comfort and confidence.     Pakpod Waterproof Tripod Pakpod is recent Kickstarter release. Rugged, lightweight, adjustable and waterproof.     Manfrotto 49ARC2 Tripod Head (discontinued) The Pakpod would be quite frustrating if I couldn’t make micro adjustments and the Manfrotto ballhead allows that. They update their ball heads quite often. Mine is very simple and solid.     Ribz Pack What a great invention. Lots of trekkers use these and they are perfect on a boat. Large enough to carry big items and extremely convenient. I carry extra lenses and camera gear, lens cleaners, a windbreaker, my keys and an food bar.     Inflatable Belt Pack Life vests are required and are usually awkward and restricting. Except for these.

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