New England Winter


spacer-25I used to live here.   I am here in western Massachusetts for 10 days co-leading "Guiding Meditation and Advanced Asana" as part of a 500 hour professional yoga teacher training program.   It's been as low as -9 at night and not much higher during the day.   I lived here for about 20 years and I am wondering now how I managed to do that.   Not only that, but for many of those years I had a dog, which required being out twice a day. I remember now the layers upon layers I wore every day and how, when it warm up to 25° I would want to take off my clothes and lay outside to bask in the warmth.   The external cold contrasts with the warmth inside. This has been a wonderful training and retreat, filled with sincere and dedicated practitioners, healers and teachers who are making a difference in the world.   But when I step outside at night it's so cold the only logical response is to laugh out loud.     Looking out over the Stockbridge Bowl.   newenglandwinter2 spacer-25    

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