On Taking Yourself Lightly

  plane load


Here is a  cool post from Jared Gotlieb on the National Geographic "Travel with Heart" series where he interviews me on packing light.

Many years ago, Jared and I did  a month-long silent meditation retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California.

I distinctly remember watching Jared haul a boatload of stuff up the long hill to the meditation center and him marveling at my 'lack' of stuff.  I'd managed to pack everything I needed for the month in one carryon bag.

Liiving in a 9x11 room in an ashram for a decade or so got me trained in to living light.  Three years in an RV trained me in even more.  I didn't have much, but I really enjoyed each shirt, pair of pants, pair of shoes.  Everything I owned was a 'favorite.'

I got into one-bag packing when I started noticing that when I'd unpack from trips on the road, much of what I'd brought along never got worn.  That got me thinking as to how spare and mindful I could comfortably go.

Thanks to sites like OneBag.com I've come to appreciate I'm not alone in my fetish for traveling light.  I continue to refine my systems and will share more if prodded even slightly.

Here's Jared's blog post on National Geographic.

And if you'd like, before I left on that retreat, you can read my original post.