Passing Through


spacer-25 Each day on the river is a reminder of change.

Recently we hosted a flock of about 40 Arctic Tundra Swans - for about two weeks.

I would float as close as I could get. They ‘talk’ constantly with whistles and coos what I can only describe as ‘puppy dog’ sounds.

Who knows that they are talking about, but they are pretty absorbed into the conversation.

They are call ‘whistling swans’ for the characters whistling sound int heir wings.     When you get close you can hear the group conversation.   spacer-25 Lounging on a warm afternoon. The Eagles are now in active egg-tending mode.   spacer-25 Heading north at dawn.   spacer-25       Subscribe to Jonathan's podcast:       iTunes podcast here, online listening here, stitcher here, and Jonathan’s YouTube channel here.