Post NPR

I used to have a 'ten minute rule', which changed my life in a most positive way.  Whenever I had to be anywhere, I planned on being ten minutes early.   I found it quite calming. Since moving to the DC area. though, I've had to up that to a 'twenty-minute rule' to accommodate the gnarly traffic here.

I made sure to get in early for the recording at WAMU with Diane Rehm and guests.  Once I got parked and buzzed in and landed in the waiting room I was offered water or coffee.  Out of nervousness I agreed to the coffee.

I didn't count on it being so strong and while I wasn't quite hyperventilating before the red light came on, I felt 'rather jazzed'.

When the first question was directed to me I got to watch the effect of adrenalin moving through my body at the same time as I started making noises and moving my lips.  That was a rush.

Thankfully I settled down.

If you'd like to listen to the hour-long show or just catch the first few minutes of my rather flustered response,you can click here.

They had a flood of calls and emails, which felt quite gratifying.