Small Changes

I'm a bike freak. I've had many bikes over the years, mostly trying to modify them to fit my 6'5" frame.  I could never get very comfortable on them as much as I wanted to.

Way back when I completed my Peace Corps stint in Niger, West Africa, I built a bike up and attempted to cross the Sahara Desert from south to north.  The dust and sand got so bad I would have to repack the bearings again and again.  This was before mountain bikes and sealed bearings.  (The harmattan winds and hot season came early that year and got the better of me.  I realized later the sizzling sound in my ears was my brain deep-fat frying.

I've had a folding bike and recumbent bikes, which are simply amazing.

When I moved to Northern VA I was limited to trails, so had to give up my recumbent.  After a fair bit of research I discovered a cool kind of bike which is starting to make waves.

This is a modified RANS semi-recumbent that functions as a cargo bike.  You can fit six full grocery bags in the panniers, enough kit for a long trek or enough to go 'condo camping' for the day.  It's extremely comfortable and actually quite stable on the trails.

I got mine at the ultimate emporium for non-ordinary bike enthusiasts here in the DC area, Bikes at Vienna.  John Bruno is the owner.  They'll take good care of you and let you explore their selection of recumbents, trikes, folders and cargo bikes.


There's a documentary in the works on cargo bikes and it suggests how the little things we do to cultivate greater sustainability make all the difference.