The Heart Practices: Kindness


spacer-25As I'm teaching every week for the next month, I've decided to launch into an exploration of the heart practices.

It's one thing to develop your capacity for concentration - your capacity to notice what is happening as it's happening.

It's another to develop your capacity for mindfulness - for non-judging awareness.

And it's yet another skill to call on the qualities of kindness and compassion.  When the heart opens, there can be a natural softening, an expansion from a tight sense of "I and Mine" to a more natural, embracing state.  This talk dives into some of the original teachings and practices.

Here's the blurb:  

Training in the Heart Practices can radically reframe your perspective on life and what is possible.

This talk explores 'metta,' the essential teaching of cultivating generosity toward yourself and others.

In this training you can move from a small sense of a self-protective "I" to a more expanse sense of inter-connectedness.  It's not necessarily easy, but a powerful training to remember your true nature.

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