The Men's Retreat


We just completed the 5th annual Men's Retreat this weekend.  Almost 70 men rolled in to share the adventure.

Movement, breath, social silence and meditation drews us inward and inquiry and sharing in partners and small groups drew us into relationship with each other.  Differences in wealth, professions, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientation seemed to melt as we explored common inquiries into what it means to be a man in these trying times.

Our final round of questions took me to the heart of what it means to be awake in heart and mind:

What am I most committed to in my life right now?

What do  I need to be feel more whole?

Some find it easy to respond to the first question.  The second question takes us into a deeper sense of vulnerability and into a more profound sense of relationship.

If you're interested in exploring more, a new group is starting up in DC called Men Meeting for Meditation, or M3.  Here's a link for more information.

This is a recent start up and you are welcome to join in.