The Three Reasons I Meditate

J teaching - Version 2Fall classes are starting up this week.  Last night I kicked off the first session at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Arlington on the topic, "The Three Reasons I Meditate." It's been 41 years since I first learned Transcendental Meditation and I've had an active meditation practice ever since.  Over the years I've had the great fortune to study with amazing teachers and in a wide variety of philosophies and traditions.

Perhaps the greatest realization is that in any given tradition, you're bound to find another tradition that will give you the exact opposite instruction.

"Meditate with your eyes closed."

"Meditate with your eyes open!"

"Give full effort!"


Ultimately all techniques are like fingers pointing at the moon.   As the saying goes, "Don't seek to follow great teachers.  Seek what they sought."  When you do that, your path becomes rich and deeply personal.

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