Transforming Your Relationship with Fear

J teaching - Version 2This week's topic is a favorite.  Anxiety and fear are old friends of mine.  For much of the most recent month-long meditation retreat I attended I felt like I was simmering in a stew of constantly churning old and new worries.  Over time, the anxiety dissipated and about six months later Tara said, "You know, you seem generally less anxious than you used to be."

A lot of people notice that pleasant bi-product of meditation.  You learn to discern between anxiety that's helpful and anxiety that is pure hallucination.

Here's the blurb from this week's talk in Arlington:

Anxiety and fear, if unexamined, leave you unsteady and dissatisfied.  When you can name a fear and investigate it with kindness, new possibilities emerge.  This talk explores what happens in your brain and nervous system when you feel fear as well as some practical, pragmatic strategies that can lead to radical transformation.

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