Saturday, September 25th: Dynamic Vipassana Meditation

Saturday, September 25th I'm leading a daylong that a fellow yogi and I call "Shake and Bake" Meditation. This technique was developed in 1970 by the teacher Osho as a way to make the subtler states of consciousness available to western practitioners.  It may seem a little weird, but it's very engaging. Tracking the progression laid out in Raja Yoga, we follow distinct phases from the gross to the subtle. The phases we'll follow in this version:

1.  Shake, sound, move and express.  A soundtrack will help you keep moving and 'shaking out' any tensions that come into your awareness.

2.  Free flow.  The soundtrack changes and with your eyes closed, you'll move into a period of letting your body spontaneously move with the music.

3.  Breath and sound.  You'll find a seated position and shift your attention to deep, full inhalations and while relaxing on the exhale, generating a particular sound.   You may find yourself moving into deeper concentration and absorption.

4.  Meditation.  Attuning to stillness and presence.

5.  Lying down body scan.  Deep, deep letting go.  Releasing all effort.

6.  More meditation.

7.  Journaling.  A meditative writing technique to record your impressions as they arise.

And that's just the morning.

The afternoon will be more traditional vipassana meditation with periods for movement and relaxation.  There will also be time for sharing, questions and discussion.

Most of the day, though, will be in silence.  If you are looking for a day dedicated to releasing tensions and attuning to what arises in the stillness, I think you'll find this to be a rich and full experience.

A video of me describing the day:


Chances are quite high we'll have a waiting list for the retreat, as we did last time.  The following link will expedite your registration.

For more information and to register online.