Virtual Conferencing, February 19th

Yoga Conf Poster

These days it can be hard to get to a conference or a workshop. That's changing.

I'll be teaching at the 1st Annual Virtual World Yoga Conference, entitled "Yoga, Health & Happiness". This 3-day Virtual Conference is scheduled to be held February 19th to 21st, 2010.

This means you stay at home, or get together with friends at a local yoga studio, and connect via the phone or Internet with teachers from all over the world who will share tools and techniques for living a fulfilling and happy life.

The session I'm teaching is called "Immeasurable Happiness: Exploring the Myths of Meditation."

When you register for the conference, you can attend any and all of the sessions. If for some reason you can't make one, you can listen to the recording at your convenience.

Full details and registration

Because I'm a scheduled as a conference speaker and faculty member, I am able extend a special $100 savings to you by using the coupon code JFST219. (Note: this coupon can be applied to your cart during the checkout payment process for an instant $100 off the general admission price.)

See what it's all about here