Waking from the Dream of Thoughts

J teaching - Version 2When I slow down and pay attention to thoughts I'm always struck my how shameless my mind is.  There is no rat hole it won't go down. To my great relief I have found with practice I simply don't quite believe what I'm thinking quite as much.

This week's talk explores some strategies for snapping out of unrelenting identification with the thinking process.  The sound is a bit off as we had a big group but no audio amplification, so I had to project my voice more than usual.

Here's the blurb:

How do you wake out of the trance of thinking?  This talk explores three strategies: 1) Consciously shift your attention to your immediate sensory experience, 2) actively investigate the veracity of what story you might be believing and 3) turn your awareness to thoughts of kindness and compassion.  The good news?  As soon as you realize you are lost in thought, new possibilities arise.

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