Weather Systems


spacer-25One of my most favorite things is long-distance adventure swimming. Fortunately for me, that’s also true for my wife.   The Caribbean sea has qualities we both enjoy. It’s clean, warm and while pretty safe, it also has currents and when snorkeling off rocky points, a certain element of engaging danger.   We were surprised this year with the intensity of the storms. Quite often we’ve not dared venture out on the deck, risking getting blown over. The storms lash the house and anything not tied down is gone.   But we've caught a few windows here and there when things lighten up and have managed to get out into the ocean.   2 Drama over the water spacer-25   The coral continues to degrade. I’ve come down here since I was in college and the change is remarkable. There are rock formations deep underwater I consider friends and I enjoy visiting each time I’m here. Many of them used to be covered with life are now mostly barren.   It’s still beautiful, but a different kind of beauty. The geography and light are gorgeous and we both love diving.   3 Drama under water spacer-25   We often talk of moods, emotions and states of consciousness as ‘weather systems.’ They come, they go and they are subject to the laws of impermanence. We are not the weather, but the awareness itself. When you open to the awareness of what is changing, you can’t help but open to awareness itself.   Robert Frost summed it up succinctly:   Life. It goes on.     Rain, sunshine … what’s left but to celebrate?   4 200 miles to St. Croix spacer-25   1 A break in the Clouds over Peter Island spacer-25


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