Why Practice and What to Expect

J teaching - Version 2 Have you ever met anyone who finds their practice, whether it be yoga, meditation, prayer, etc, to be effortless to sustain?

If so, please send them my way.  I'd like to learn their secret.

Any practice that embraces transformation is a challenge to keep going.  And most people, as one of my teachers said, stop practicing precisely because it's working.

Mindfulness is designed to bring into your awareness what is between you and feeling free.  Doing it alone is challenging, and that's why there have been through the ages, monasteries, support groups, retreats for intensive practice.

This week's talk explores the power of remembering why you practice and what to expect if you can sustain an intentional effort on non-judging awareness.

The blurb:

Mindfulness practice can get dry and rote.  When you remember why you are practicing you'll reconnect with your passion and deepest intention.  When you can sustain your practice, you may notice a number of benefits.

Beyond the physiological and emotional boosts you'll feel, ultimately you'll notice the arising of two distinct faculties.

Wisdom is your capacity to recognize what is true.  Compassion is your capacity to allow and open to truth.


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