Working with Greed, Hatred and Delusion

J teaching - Version 2It was great to be back in Arlington after the week-long retreat.  I'll be doing a series on "What's Between You and Feeling Free" over the next two weeks. The forces of Greed, Ill Will and Delusion make it impossible to access a sense of non-judging presence.  When you learn to recognize them, you open the possibility of dramatically shifting your relationship to the moment.

I'm often asked, "How can I tell I'm making any progress in my practice?"  I think using the yardstick of these three forces can be helpful.

Do you feel less caught in craving, wanting, fantasizing?

Are you less swept up in hatred, ill will, judgment and aversion?

Do you feel you have more access to wisdom - to a sense of what is real and true?

The blurb:

Three major forces color your life experience in any moment. Learning how to recognize how they pervade thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions can lead to a greater sense of freedom.  A short talk and a few questions which have been edited for easier listening.

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