Your Leaps of Faith

J teaching - Version 2This week's talk from St. Mark's on Capitol Hill is about exploring faith. There is a delicate balance, as in all things, of faith and doubt.

Too much faith and no doubt results in 'magical thinking.'

Too much doubt and no open inquiry results in feeling closed off from the mystery of this human experience.


The blurb:

Faith spans the full range of human experience - from a quality of faith that is filled with possibility but hasn't been tested to a mature, abiding faith.  Each one of us has experienced a crisis in faith that results in some form of betrayal and each of us has experienced numerous times, a 'leap of faith' when we launch into the unknown.

This talk explores the delicate balance of faith and a discerning, skeptical mind. The result of that balance?  The experience of 'verified faith,' the kind of 'knowing' that comes through sincere, rigorous investigation.

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