Your Obstacles are Allies


spacer-25I’m just back from from the IMCW Spring Retreat, a week of supporting folks in intensive mindfulness practice.  Days upon days of silence and rigorously paying attention to what is arising inevitably surface old scars, beliefs and undigested life experiences.  

Turning attention directly to what is between you and feeling free is a radical act.  It requires non-judging awareness, concentration, relaxation, energy, curiosity and determination.  

Naturally, when something unpleasant arises, you’ll want to nuke it or shift your attention to something else. It’s possible, though, to find new ways of being with these challenging situations.  

For example, many  people experience doubt.  Doubt can be paralyzing.  It feels self-limiting.  It reinforces the ruthless inner critic.  

Can you imagine on some level, though, that doubt is your friend?  

On some level, your doubt is an ally.  On a good day, it provides discernment and clarity.  It helps you remember what is most important and forces you to employ both intellectual rigor and some quality of faith.  

Any challenge you encounter, you might explore as to how that feeling or mental state, on some level, is doing it’s best to serve you.  

The Blurb:  

When you practice non-judging awareness you'll naturally begin to notice everything between you and feeling free.

There is a natural tendency to want to 'nuke' the issues that arise - to either not feel them or make them go away.


When you can remember that in some way what you are resisting in your life is actually, on some level, trying to support you, you might feel a shift in your relationship to it.


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