A Meditative Journey: Diving Deep


spacer-25This Saturday 65 brave beings showed up for a day of practice. We explored ‘moving from the gross to the subtle,’ beginning with vigorous moving, shaking and sounding, intro free-flow movement, then breath, seated meditation, then the ultimate resting place, a long, deep lying-down meditation.   Lying-down meditation can be quite the remedy for many of us who are chronically over-stimulated and exhausted.   When you take this on as a regular practice, you may notice you fall asleep every time. As you start to feel more rested, you’ll notice more aliveness and wakefulness. You’ll notice over time you can sustain attention even in the deep cycles of the brainwaves of sleep.   As yoga says, "The more dynamic your rest, the more dynamic your activity."     post2 spacer-25  

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