Announcing: Monday Night Yoga at UUCA



Would you benefit from a tension-melting movement session before meditation class on Monday night?

Are you curious as to how yoga and mindful movement can enhance your meditation practice?

  Whether you are a seasoned yoga practitioner or brand new to yoga, you're invited to join this freely-offered gathering.   Yoga was originally designed to prepare the body for meditation. By performing postures designed to release muscle tension and emotional stress, the body and mind can calm dramatically and increase your capacity to access a still and restful place inside.     that'sgreatfrank spacer-25 In this 50-minute session you'll explore practices that will energize and strengthen you, help you release deep-seated tension and cultivate a sense of presence and well-being.   A few details: * The session starts at 6:30 on Monday Nights. Come early to set up. * Bring your own yoga mat and a blanket. * Please let the instructor know any issues you may have so they can best support you. * From brand new to experienced. The flow is suitable for all levels.   You'll start with an brief introduction, practice breathing techniques, guided postures and end with a lying down meditation / relaxation.   The class is secular and does not promote or aspire toward any religious philosophy.   The session ends at 7:20 and gives you time to transition to the guided meditation and class starting at 7:30.   This class is offered freely. Your donation helps cover the cost of the room, supports the teacher and ensures no one is denied access to these profound practices.    

The Teachers:

  Rita Naomi Moran is a Kripalu-trained yoga teacher and owner of a private physical therapy practice that has the mission to help people reach their full potential. She has been a member of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington for 10 years and a kayaker and nature lover for many more.   Anna Johns grew up in India where yoga was a part of the culture. She has training in yoga from an Indian master, a 200-hr certification in the US and a Certificate in Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors from Duke Integrative Medicine.   Lynne Weir is a Kripalu trained yoga teacher and owns a private physical therapy practice and teaches yoga classes in Alexandria. On the Potomac you will find her coaching sculling (rowing). She has participated in Insight Meditation evening practices for the past 5 years and is excited to join other yoga teachers in offering a practice for the Monday night group.   This is a drop in class and you are welcome anytime. For more information, please contact: Rita Moran at 301-452-8924 or Send Email    

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