Back, with images

About a month ago I was heading out for a pre-sunrise walk with my trusty Canon 60D and 70-230 L-series zoom, which has to be one of the most amazing lenses around. (A deep bow to Kevin McDonough, who traded it for all my video equipment a few years back.) As I headed across the parking lot at Riverbend Park I heard the sickly sound of the camera bouncing on the asphalt.  The camera was fine, but the image stabilizing motor took a hit and I had to send it in for repairs.  It's back and I'm inspired to get out more with this long lens.

Part of the hiatus was neglecting to post any images here.  I thought I might catch up with a little retrospective as I never really stop shooting.


The following is from Kripalu Center, where I led a three-day retreat earlier this month called "The Transformative Journey" with my friend and colleague Shobhan Richard Faulds, who is now back in the saddle as Kripalu's CEO.

Many years ago I walked up to one of the residents who was standing here and staring off into the horizon.  He turned to me and said, "I stop here every morning.  This my biofeedback device. If it isn't beautiful, I know there is something wrong with me."

That's the Stockbridge Bowl below and most of the land here is protected.  I shot the following with my iPhone 4s with the panorama feature.