Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training in DC

I've had a number of people from retreats and classes ask about the style of movement I lead. I spent almost 25 years immersed into the world of Kripalu Yoga as a practitioner and trainer and find the style is still a great match for me. Kripalu Yoga is about balance. How do you cultivate that delicate balance where you are here and now, grounded in your body as well as with a clear and open heart and mind?

That's what the practice is all about and as I say, "Kripalu Yoga is not about what you look like from the outside. It's all about what's happening inside.' This is a very intuitive form of movement and a powerful adjunct to meditation.

My friend and colleague Jovinna Chan will be leading a 200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training at Dream Yoga Studio in McLean, VA.

I'll be supporting the training from the perspective of teaching meditation and look forward to teaching again with Jovinna.

She'll be leading a daylong retreat on both December 8th and 9th and will have session for those interested in Kripalu Yoga and the training.


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