Day to Day Changes

Much of this summer I'm on the road.  In a few days I'm off to New England to the Cape and to Maine to see my family, then I shoot back for just a few days to drop off the dogs before I head back up to Western Massachusetts to lead a nine-day meditation training for yoga teachers. I've loved being home and not going anywhere.  Each morning Tara and I roll out of bed and head to the river with the dogs.  Every morning, rain or shine, we notice the incremental changes.  Having lived in the New England mountains for a few decades, I'm sensitive to the first signs of fall, and I say almost each day (so far), "Hey, it's still summer!"

Below are a few photographs I've taken in recent days.  For you camera geeks, these photos were taken with a Canon T1i with a 70-200 2.8 IS L Series lens.





Lower water means more exposed rocks and more kayaking challenges.

All of a sudden these Common Female Mergansers started hanging out together.