Home from Retreat

There's nothing like stepping away from email, vmail, telephone, tv, movies, newspapers, magazines, radio and web.  Add to that days upon days of transformational practices and some very interesting material can arise. These two retreats were simply exquisite.  We laughed, we cried, we despaired and inspired each other.

I managed to get out of the building twice to hike and shoot some photos.  One of my favorite spots on the Kripalu property is a creek deep in the woods.  I used to hike it a lot and now it has no formal path leading to it.  It's almost impossible not to feel uplifted there.

In late afternoon light I walked up the center of the creek in my sandals shooting what caught my attention and trying to slow the camera down enough to catch the movement of the water.  Later in the week I got back in mid-day for some rare direct sunlight.

If you can do full screen, that would be best. The soundtrack is by Fredrick Karlsson, an Icelandic artist. I highly recommend his work.

A meditation on water, nature and light.  A bit over three minutes.